Work Samples

This online portfolio includes clips of articles I've written for consumer and custom publications. If you'd like to see more samples or learn more about my writing, editing and content strategy work, please contact me


Approaching Lung Cancer With Precision
CURE, 2017 Lung Cancer Special Issue

Treatment Before Surgery: Neoadjuvant Therapy May Be An Option
American Association for Cancer Research, Cancer Today, 2017 Fall Issue

Labor of Love: Tailoring Cancer Treatment for Pregnant Women
CURE, 2017 Fall Issue

New Therapies Bring Hope to Rare Cancer Types
CURE, 2017 Summer Issue

A Dose of Caution: Avoiding Opioid Addiction
CURE, 2017 Spring Issue

The Skin You're In: Coping With Body Changes After Cancer
CURE, 2017 Winter Issue

Veering Off Course: Addressing Challenges in Chemotherapy and Radiation Adherence
CURE, 2016 Special Issue

Cold Comfort: Cooling Caps Can Preserve Hair for Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy
CURE, 2016 Spring Issue

Born to Care: Studying the Link Between Genes and Empathy (pdf)
Momentum (The University of Rhode Island)

Positive Energy: Preventing Local Recurrence of Breast Cancer With Radiation
CURE, Breast Cancer Special Issue

Now, That's Funny!
Parenting Magazine

Calorie Counts Often Too Low on Fast Foods and Frozen Dinners
AARP Bulletin

You'd Be So Pretty If...
The Daily Beast